Our Practice Areas

Extensive Experience Protecting Your Rights

  • Nursing Home Injuries: We work with individuals or their families who have suffered personal injury as a result of neglect or abuse by nursing homes. We handle all types of claims, from bed sores, falls, broken bones, and head injuries to medication errors and wrongful death. continue
  • Hospital Injuries: Just as neglect, negligence, or abuse can happen in a nursing home, it can happen in a hospital, too. We prosecute cases on behalf of people who have suffered serious injuries in hospitals such as bed sores, falls leading to fractures and head injuries, medication errors and overdoses, and pulmonary embolism. continue
  • Home Health Care: We also protect the rights of people who have health care provided in their own homes, handling all types of claims involving neglect, abuse or carelessness leading to bed sores, fractures, falls, hospitalizations, and death. continue
  • Assisted Living Facilities Injuries: We handle cases of negligence, malpractice, neglect, or abuse on behalf of persons who are or were in an assisted living facility or program resulting in falls, bed sores, fractures, head trauma, elopement, death, and other serious injuries. continue
  • Medical Malpractice: We will help you recover for negligence by medical professionals. continue
  • Auto accidents: We handle personal injury claims resulting from car, truck, and motorcycle collisions.