Assisted Living Facilities

As an alternative to a nursing home or home care, more people are choosing to reside in and be cared for by an Assisted Living Facility. In this setting, neglect may arise when your loved one is admitted to the facility or program or remains there when the facility is simply not equipped or able to properly care for the resident.

New Legislation-The Assisted Living Reform Act

In August 2004, the State’s Legislature passed the “Assisted Living Reform Act” which will add Article 46-B to the Public Health Law for New York. This measure creates a true assisted living law for the first time in New York. The passage was the result of a five year effort by Governor George Pataki, who had originally submitted the proposed Act to the Legislature in 1999. The Act took effect February 23, 2005. Among its many provisions, it:

  • Defines assisted living and assisted living residences as separate from adult homes.
  • Requires look-a-likes to become licensed or face serious penalties (class A misdemeanor, plus civil penalties), and provides incentives if they apply for licensure quickly.
  • Requires full disclosure to consumers and their families interested in locating to an assisted living facility of at least nine points of information, including ownership by the facility operator (in excess of 10%) of any company which provides goods or services to residents as well as, ownership by any such company in the facility.
  • Establishes a 16-point residents’ bill of rights.
  • Creates a permanent, ongoing task force to deal with the many issues involved in assisted living, including the care of special populations, the development of appropriate patient assessment instruments, regulations, and other matters.

For a more complete overview of the statute’s provisions and requirements Click here to view a summary as prepared by the New York State Department of Health.

Listen to a Podcast on The Assisted Living Reform Act and its corresponding regulations: An interview with Sean J. Doolan, Esq. by John Fisher, Esq,  January, 2013. Podcast

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